Shooting Tips: Three Secrets to Accuracy-Part 3

shooting tips

Trigger placement should be center of finger pad (single action) or toward first joint (double action)

Parts 1 and 2 of shooting tips for accuracy talked about Sight alignment and Sight picture. The third secret is Trigger Control. This refers to the placement of your finger on the trigger, how you press the trigger, and trigger reset. For a single action weapon with less trigger resistance, the trigger should be in the center of the pad of the finger (about the middle of your fingerprint). For a double action weapon which requires more pressure on the trigger, the trigger should be between the center of the finger pad and the first joint of the finger. This placement will allow for better dexterity when pressing the trigger, and reduce the chance of squeezing your whole hand when trying to fire your weapon (which will greatly impact your accuracy!).

When firing your weapon you should have a smooth trigger press all the way through, and get what is called a “surprise break”. Don’t stage the trigger (starting and stopping during the trigger press), and don’t anticipate when the gun will fire as this leads to trying to accommodate for recoil. Trigger staging and anticipation can lead to all kinds of bad habits that are heard to break, not to mention ruining your accuracy! After the shot you should relax your finger just enough so the trigger can reset (you should hear and feel a click). This eliminates having to take out all the trigger slack again and allows for more accurate rapid firing.

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